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30 Years of Experience

lawyer-john-w-tilleyJohn Tilley has been practicing family law in Northern Michigan since 1990.  He specializes in divorce, child custody, alimony,  pre-nuptial agreements, paternity suits, personal protection orders and more.

When the well-being of a family is at stake, there can be no effort spared. John W. Tilley Attorney at Law of Traverse City, MI believes in compassionate and aggressive representation in matters of family law. These disputes can become highly contentious and involve a complex array of emotions, which necessitates a calm and experienced head leading the litigation. The needs of the clients always come first, and only a tireless work ethic can see the case through until the end.

One of the most common family law litigations is divorce. Divorce is used to legally end a marriage so the two parties can separate and continue their lives. There are a number of issues to resolve, including the division of property, alimony, and child custody rights. Each requires an in-depth familiarity with family law to appropriately pursue the full rights of every client. Even the most harmonious of separations requires an attorney to oversee proceedings and present the case to a judge.

Children are the most important aspect of any marriage. The best parents search for ways to consider the emotional well-being of their children, but cannot avoid the repercussions. If child custody battles become heated, it is more imperative than ever to retain compassionate counsel in consideration of the family’s well-being. Only an experienced hand can navigate the trial process without putting too much strain on the internal dynamic of life’s most special relationships.

If a potential family law proceeding hangs in the balance, contact John W. Tilley Attorney at Law today! John W. Tilley Attorney at Law, “Practicing Family Law for 30+ Years!”