Child Custody


No parent wants to put children through divorce proceedings. John W. Tilley, Attorney at Law of Traverse City, MI understands the delicate circumstances surrounding child custody and fights for the best outcome for parent and child respectively. Leaving a child in an unstable or dangerous domestic situation is never a suitable alternative to giving them a better life, divorce or not. A lot hangs in the balance during child custody litigation, and only an expert attorney can maximize a child’s chance at a brighter future.

Child custody involves:

● The Parent-Child Bond—The court considers the relationship between parent and child when awarding custody. If a loving and strong bond can be established to one of the parents, they are more likely to win custody. The contributing factors include: who prepares meals, who the child goes to with a problem, how much time the child spends with each parent, and if the parent can put the needs of the child first.

● The Raising of the Child—As the primary caretaker, the winner of custody must be able to prove they are capable of providing the child with an environment to learn and develop. Factors to consider may include: who helps the kids with schoolwork, who drives the child to soccer practice, who administers effective and respectable discipline techniques, and whether there is a history of abuse or neglect.

● Material Needs—Raising a child involves a substantial economic investment. The factors considered include: who has the greater earning capacity, who can provide anything from clothes to college tuition and who can provide the child with health insurance. The court can balance out this factor through child support payments.

● Moral, Mental and Physical Fitness—Parents are judged on factors such as drinking problems, criminal records, extramarital affairs, physical ability to administer care, mental health, and more.

There is no simple test to determine child custody. That is why attorneys make sure both sides are heard. Reach out to schedule a consultation today!