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John Tilley, Family Law in Traverse City

He endeavors to offer his clients efficient, effective, and compassionate representation and solve their problems or meet their goals as quickly and painlessly as possible.

While a trial or hearing is prepared for and aggressively performed with energy and enthusiasm, settlement efforts are often at least as fruitful and important as pursuing litigation. This passage from “How to Deal Financially with Divorce,” Jonathan Clements, Wall Street Journal, 6/24/01, is helpful:

“If you want an inexpensive divorce, you need to choose your lawyers carefully. ‘We’ve seen situations where the lawyers don’t like each other, and it becomes a contest between them, which the clients didn’t want,’ says Minneapolis financial planner Ross Levin. ‘You want lawyers who don’t have it in for each other.'”

“. . . ‘There are still attorneys out there who . . . want to go to court and fight it out, Ms. Wilson [Carol Ann Wilson, founder of the Institute for Certified Divorce Planners in Boulder, CO] says. A divorcing couple should look for attorneys who are interested in getting their clients to settle. This saves money and it also saves relationships, with the children and with others.'”

John Tilley is also a Member of the panel of Family Law Mediators for Michigan’s 13th Circuit (Grand Traverse, Leelanau, and Antrim Counties).

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Located in Traverse City Michigan, John W. Tilley, Attorney at Law has practiced Family Law through-out Northern Michigan since 1990. Lawyer John W. Tilley, specializes in family law which includes: divorce, alimony, child custody, pre-nuptial agreements, paternity suites, personal protection orders and much more. Read More...


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